Which Safety Sunglasses Work Best?

Gargoyles 85's Clear Safety GlassesWhile most regular glasses make a good job of protecting the eyes from the sun, they do not work as well as safety sunglasses in terms of blocking industrial hazards such as dust, splashes, and flying objects. In fact, most conventional eyewear are considered hazardous especially in the workplace.

Fact is that the frames and glasses used for the eyewear are much stronger than the regular ones worn on the beach. Compared to regular eyewear that shatters when hit by an object; the lenses of safety eyewear are not likely to dislodge even after a strong impact.

These heavy-duty sunglasses are best used on the outdoors when the eyes are more susceptible to foreign objects. However, these glasses are not recommended industrial or general use since they completely block peripheral vision. In certain parts of the world, wearing safety sunglasses with leather side shields are illegal for those who are driving vehicles.

What to Look for When Choosing Safety Sunglasses?

The first thing you need to do is to make sure the glasses you wish to buy is indeed a safety eyewear. Consider what your purpose is then check if it matches the type of safety glasses you are planning to buy.

In checking whether or not you are buying high quality eye wear, you should see if the brand or model passed the ANSI standards or American National Standards Institute. This organization can tell whether or not the material, design, and quality of the eyewear are reliable enough for particular purposes.

You should be able to find this information in the packaging. You may also find it on the frame of the glasses. If the ANSI has approved the eyewear, chances are it is reliable enough to use for heavy duty purposes.

Although this may not be necessary, consider choosing eyeglasses that offer UV or IR protection. They should be adjustable and lightweight so that they remain comfortable to use. Always try them on before using them for play or work.

Gargoyles Veil Safety GlassesThese sunglasses are not very expensive generally. In fact, you can purchase one with just $10. However, there are more expensive ones that may or may not be as durable as the cheaper ones. It may help if you weigh the features of the sunglasses more than its price. Choose the ones that offer more benefits and protection such as Gargoyles veil safety glasses. After all, no price can pay the protection that good safety sunglasses can give your eyes.

Retro Sunglasses: They’re Back!

Ashton Retro SunglassesEyewear trends have now gone full circle with the return of retro sunglasses. Fueled with the nostalgia of what was fashionable in the good old days, these glasses make a grand re-entrance as they have become as in demand as they were in the 70’s.

The best thing about these new/old styles is the merging of technology and design. Back in the days, sunglasses did not have the same high-quality materials as the ones sold today. They have the same groovy look, but with the state-of-the-art materials that are found at present.

Woodstock Giant Vintage SunglassesRetro Sunglasses Frames

Majority of the retro frames are big enough to cover half of the wearer’s face. Most actors and models are seen sporting these designs on photos and videos. They are very convenient to use and they fit majority of outfits so they are very practical.

Groovy frames for women’s retro sunglasses usually come with colorful motifs with several color combination that you can choose from. The best part about these accessories is they fit in almost all types of occasions and outfits.

Retro Sunglasses Colors

The 70’s is known for psychedelic colors that are bright and reminiscent of flowers. Although certain variations are used today, most colors are still vibrant and youthful. The great thing about the improvement of these eyewear is the fact that there are plenty of colors to choose from.

Riley Retro SunglassesRetro Sunglasses Styles

Most oversized sunglasses that are known in the 70’s and 80’s are making a huge come back on top of the additional protection made for the modern day wearer. Men’s retro sunglasses are best for casual outfits and for formal occasions as well. Women, on the other hand, love the additional flair that these vintage glasses provide to any outfit.

From Clothes to Party Sunglasses: Choosing the Perfect Outfit for a Blacklight Party

The best outfits for blacklight parties are those that look good even with odd lighting. Looking normal is definitely out of the picture. The best choices are those that make you glow and stand out such as wearing party sunglasses that glow in the dark. Think of any outfit that will make you look silly if you stop by for a burger. Chances are, that is the perfect getup for one of the most fun themes ever!

The Power of White and Neon

For colors, white is perfect since it glows under blacklight. If you are more daring, try neon pants and shirts since they scream for attention. The downside to this though is you might look like a shapeless apparition because of the glow. To avoid this, try wearing a second layer to accentuate your figure.

Cat Eye SunglassesAccessories: Party Sunglasses

Don’t ever forget to accessorize. Remember that planning an outfit does not end with deciding which clothes to wear. There are plenty of accessories that you can add to make your overall ensemble look interesting. You can add neon headbands, rings, and earrings to name a few.

Hyper Vision GogglesThere are really nice party sunglasses that you can choose from. Other than those that glow in the dark, you can also pick eyewear with interesting shapes, colors, and themes. These hyper vision goggles, for example, will help you stand out with its bright red, reflective lenses. The frame is also stark white so it is very noticeable in odd lighting.

Glitter SunglassesThese glitter sunglasses are great for any party events as well. The fun design and glitters stand out from the crowd. It also looks good with most outfits since it is made for all kinds of party events. You can wear a flamboyant white dress with these glasses on and you are on your way to an awesome blacklight party attire.


The best thing about costumer parties is you get to practice your creative side by thinking of possible outfits to wear. When it comes to costume planning, the sky’s the limit. Have fun designing your outfit and wear it with confidence!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Photochromic Sunglasses

Bobster Sprocket Photochromic Convertible SunglassesThe lenses of photochromic sunglasses lighten or darken in response to the lighting condition. For example, the lenses will lighten or darken depending on the amount of exposure to UV or ultraviolet radiation. Lenses tend to return to its clear state without the UV exposure. On the contrary, it will turn to darker tint when exposed to the heat of the sun.

The idea behind this mechanism is similar to that of a photographic film. The film darkens when the silver based chemicals react to light exposure. However, photochromic lenses do not darken permanently like photographic films. The glasses return to its lighter shade once the light level goes back to normal.

Modern Designs

Bobster Gunner Photochromic Convertible SunglassesWith the advancements in technology, the photochromic lenses today come in different categories as far as sun protection is concerned. The best lenses have high speed activation time. This means the lens can change from light to dark depending on the exposure to UV light at a very fast pace. These light adjusting sunglasses also come in fashionable designs and frames.

So now that we understand a little bit about how photochromic sunglasses work, it is time to know how it benefits us and what its flaws are.


  • Wiley X Gravity Light Adjusting SunglassesPhotochromic lenses can provide the right amount of protection for different light conditions.
  • These sunglasses are efficient for people who are constantly exposed to different temperature and lighting. Since they adapt well to different conditions, switching sunglasses is no longer needed.
  • They have 100% UV protection to keep your eyes away from damages.


  • Less advanced models take longer to adjust from light to dark and the other way around.
  • They may be less efficient in cars where the windscreens block most of the UV light. Although there are specialist photochromic lenses designed for driving that you can use for this purpose.

Tips on Choosing Motorcycle Sunglasses

Tour Motorcycle Sunglasses

Motorcyclists know that choosing the right motorcycle sunglasses can be a hit or a miss. It requires more than just looking at the style of the eyewear. There are instances when it is necessary to check if the glasses meet the requirement for people who could do with correctional eyewear. Others need protective glasses that have passed the safety standards for open road activities.

Tip 1:

Motorcycle goggles

Choose performance over aesthetic value. Although there are plenty of good looking and high-quality glasses, performance should be on top priority over style. Motorcycle glasses are considered a safety item, which serves as a primary protection of the rider’s eyes from all kinds of road conditions.

Tip 2:

Consider the distance of the ride. Eyewear that allows sufficient circulation and prevention of sweating are better for shorter rides. Long-distance riding, on the other hand, needs maximum protection from dust, wind, and rain. The eyewear should also protect the eyes from insects that occasionally hover on the road and cause eye irritation. Motorcycle goggles are great for this purpose.

Tip 3:

How much ultra-violet protection do you need? Riding a motorcycle exposes the driver to the harshest elements that the environment can offer. This includes being directly under the heat of the sun. The eyewear must provide at least 99% protection from UV rays.

SOS Firefly Motorcycle SunglassesTip 4:

Too much frugality is not practical. Cheap motorcycle glasses may not have the technological upgrade in modern lenses that make it virtually indestructible. Investing on a good pair of polycarbonate lenses will prove to be more practical than buying the cheap versions.

Tip 5:

Wiley X Blink Sunglasses

Check if the glasses passed the American National Standards rating. Being in a motorcycle has a lot of risks and not wearing an eyewear that has passed standards increases these risks even more. Sunglasses that have passed standards can take strong blows.

Tip 6:

Know the style and look that suits you. The best thing about modern sunglasses designs is they are made for style, durability, and comfort. There are plenty of eyewear in the market today that can provide all these benefits at the same time.

Fashion and Health Benefits of Kids Sunglasses

Benefits of Kids Sunglasses

A survey from the Vision Council of America shows that 50% of the children in the United States today wear or own sunglasses. Thanks to the growing influence of the media, kids sunglasses have become part of the fashion ensemble for the young ones.

Tangerine Orange Baby Infant SunglassesHowever, most parents do not realize that children need sunglasses to protect their eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Children are more vulnerable to sun damage because the lenses in their eyes are more transparent compared to adults. In fact, 80% of a person’s exposure to UV rays during his or her lifetime transpires before the age of 18.

According to the Glaucoma Research Foundation, protection from chronic UV exposure minimizes the child’s risk of developing cataracts, wrinkles, and skin cancer. Since children have more exposure to UV rays and they lack the ability to block its harmful effects, parents must make sure that their children are well protected. More than being a fashion statement, kids’ sunglasses are now made with UV protection.

Daddy's Girl Camo Kids SunglassesWith the genius of different designers and brands, children can have both protection and fashion in one. There are plenty of designs, colors, lens shapes, and frames to choose from. Children and parents will adore the cute and vibrant styles for boys and girls. There are fun shutter shades inspired by the 80s. There are cartoon-inspired glasses such as the Surfs Up and Iron Man sunglasses.

The best part about this is that there is no need to spend a lot of money on eyewear since these cute sunglasses are available in reasonable prices. You can buy infant sunglasses with UV 400 protection for as low as $4. For designer brands, you can purchase them for around $9.

Aside from protection and fashion, these glasses are also made of high grade materials that are built to withstand trauma. Most children tend to bite, step, or throw these glasses in various occasions so the materials have to be durable and safe to use for kids.

Premium Protection with Prescription Sunglasses

Wiley X Romer II Prescription SunglassesYou can conveniently use prescription sunglasses regardless of the light or weather conditions. Its lenses have varifocal glasses that allow you to perform different activities such as drive, sunbathe, read, or travel without the need to change eyewear.

These sunglasses have multiple advantages especially to those who wear reading glasses, which magnify sunlight. With prescription sunglasses, you can read anywhere while you stay protected from the heat of the sun and other harmful elements.

Styles, Frames, and Designs

Wiley X AirRage Prescription SunglassesThe latest prescription sunglasses styles, frames, and designs come with technology features that provide both protection and comfort to the wearer. Wiley X AirRage Prescription Sunglasses, for instance, has Facial Cavity Seal that literally protects and seals the eyes from different kind of elements. Its frame’s symmetrical venting allows air to flow naturally despite being sealed. With many fashionable designs to choose from, it should be easy to find an eyewear that will suit different outdoor needs.

Other than technology features, these glasses come in celebrity and fashion designs as well. There are various options when it comes to styling so you can adjust based on what suits your face, complexion, and fashion taste.

Speaking of design, there are wraparound sunglasses that protectively arc around the head. Take note that extreme curves have the tendency to distort vision. Most manufacturers offer various options so it is best to discuss with your optician when it comes to which ones are safest and most beneficial for you.

Lens Options

Bobster Fat Boy Photochromic SunglassesWhen it comes to lens options, these sunglasses are available in all kinds of materials. There are plenty to choose from whether your needs require regular plastic, glass, polycarbonate, Trivex, or high index lenses. For premium protection, there are ultimate prescription sunglasses with integrated magnetic clip-on frames and photochromic lenses, which provide light adjustments for outdoor use.

Benefits of Prescription Sunglasses

People with vision problems have several choices in as far as choosing eyewear is Wiley X ZAK Prescription Sunglassesconcerned. However, prescription eyewear is the advantageous choice because it is great for all lens prescriptions, whether for progressive or bifocal lens. For instance, people who are presbyopic or those who need lenses to read may consider using prescription sunglasses when they are reading magazines or books by the pool or beach.

These glasses also provide protection from the glare and UV rays from the sun. The density and color of the tint in the lenses do not necessarily relate to its capacity to provide protection against UV rays. This means you have plenty of lens colors to choose from.

Ordering Prescription Sunglasses

Choose from the wide options of prescription sunglasses and make your purchase by simply adding your choices to your cart. Orders are shipped within 48 hours of receipt. Take note of the policies when it comes to your returns and exchanges options. Orders that are above $34 are qualified for free shipping.

Sunglass Accessories – Cords, Cases, and More

Floater CordSunglass Accessories

There are those who invest on sunglasses but think twice when it comes to buying sunglass accessories. If you are one of these people, there are a couple of things you should consider particularly on how practical it is to purchase these frills.

Basic Sunglass CordSunglass Retainers, Straps, and Cords

You can buy sunglasses cords for as low as $1. These straps are not only for beautification or for fashion. They are quite helpful especially to those who tend to always misplace their eyewear. They are also great in securing sunglasses for outdoor adventures.

Always consider the material when buying eyewear retainers, straps, or cords. They should be made of high quality materials such as nylon or leather. For more fashionable straps, there are elegant designs made of metal and beads.

Chrome Flip Top Metal CaseSunglass Cases

Sunglass cases vary in materials. The sturdiness depends on the amount of protection you need for your eyewear. There are sunglasses that are okay with just a microfiber sunglass bag. You can purchase this for as low as $2.

On the other hand, there are metal and hard shell cases designed to protect breakable eyewear. Prices range from $5 – $20 depending on the brand and design. For outdoor adventures, there are soft sport cases with clip that you can strap on to your backpack or other gears.

Large Soft Sport Case with ClipIn deciding which sunglass case to buy, always consider the material and how it can protect the sunglasses that you wish to put inside it. For eyewear made of breakable materials, it is best to purchase those hard shell or metal cases. On the other hand, there are durable sunglasses made of materials that you cannot scratch or break. These kinds of eyewear should be great with just a pouch or pleather bag.

Accessories should be more functional than fashionable. However, with the number of options to choose from, there are plenty of fashionable choices that offer the same degree of function. On top of this, they are very affordable as well.