From Clothes to Party Sunglasses: Choosing the Perfect Outfit for a Blacklight Party

The best outfits for blacklight parties are those that look good even with odd lighting. Looking normal is definitely out of the picture. The best choices are those that make you glow and stand out such as wearing party sunglasses that glow in the dark. Think of any outfit that will make you look silly if you stop by for a burger. Chances are, that is the perfect getup for one of the most fun themes ever!

The Power of White and Neon

For colors, white is perfect since it glows under blacklight. If you are more daring, try neon pants and shirts since they scream for attention. The downside to this though is you might look like a shapeless apparition because of the glow. To avoid this, try wearing a second layer to accentuate your figure.

Cat Eye SunglassesAccessories: Party Sunglasses

Don’t ever forget to accessorize. Remember that planning an outfit does not end with deciding which clothes to wear. There are plenty of accessories that you can add to make your overall ensemble look interesting. You can add neon headbands, rings, and earrings to name a few.

Hyper Vision GogglesThere are really nice party sunglasses that you can choose from. Other than those that glow in the dark, you can also pick eyewear with interesting shapes, colors, and themes. These hyper vision goggles, for example, will help you stand out with its bright red, reflective lenses. The frame is also stark white so it is very noticeable in odd lighting.

Glitter SunglassesThese glitter sunglasses are great for any party events as well. The fun design and glitters stand out from the crowd. It also looks good with most outfits since it is made for all kinds of party events. You can wear a flamboyant white dress with these glasses on and you are on your way to an awesome blacklight party attire.


The best thing about costumer parties is you get to practice your creative side by thinking of possible outfits to wear. When it comes to costume planning, the sky’s the limit. Have fun designing your outfit and wear it with confidence!