Tips on Choosing Motorcycle Sunglasses

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Motorcyclists know that choosing the right motorcycle sunglasses can be a hit or a miss. It requires more than just looking at the style of the eyewear. There are instances when it is necessary to check if the glasses meet the requirement for people who could do with correctional eyewear. Others need protective glasses that have passed the safety standards for open road activities.

Tip 1:

Motorcycle goggles

Choose performance over aesthetic value. Although there are plenty of good looking and high-quality glasses, performance should be on top priority over style. Motorcycle glasses are considered a safety item, which serves as a primary protection of the rider’s eyes from all kinds of road conditions.

Tip 2:

Consider the distance of the ride. Eyewear that allows sufficient circulation and prevention of sweating are better for shorter rides. Long-distance riding, on the other hand, needs maximum protection from dust, wind, and rain. The eyewear should also protect the eyes from insects that occasionally hover on the road and cause eye irritation. Motorcycle goggles are great for this purpose.

Tip 3:

How much ultra-violet protection do you need? Riding a motorcycle exposes the driver to the harshest elements that the environment can offer. This includes being directly under the heat of the sun. The eyewear must provide at least 99% protection from UV rays.

SOS Firefly Motorcycle SunglassesTip 4:

Too much frugality is not practical. Cheap motorcycle glasses may not have the technological upgrade in modern lenses that make it virtually indestructible. Investing on a good pair of polycarbonate lenses will prove to be more practical than buying the cheap versions.

Tip 5:

Wiley X Blink Sunglasses

Check if the glasses passed the American National Standards rating. Being in a motorcycle has a lot of risks and not wearing an eyewear that has passed standards increases these risks even more. Sunglasses that have passed standards can take strong blows.

Tip 6:

Know the style and look that suits you. The best thing about modern sunglasses designs is they are made for style, durability, and comfort. There are plenty of eyewear in the market today that can provide all these benefits at the same time.

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