Which Safety Sunglasses Work Best?

Gargoyles 85's Clear Safety GlassesWhile most regular glasses make a good job of protecting the eyes from the sun, they do not work as well as safety sunglasses in terms of blocking industrial hazards such as dust, splashes, and flying objects. In fact, most conventional eyewear are considered hazardous especially in the workplace.

Fact is that the frames and glasses used for the eyewear are much stronger than the regular ones worn on the beach. Compared to regular eyewear that shatters when hit by an object; the lenses of safety eyewear are not likely to dislodge even after a strong impact.

These heavy-duty sunglasses are best used on the outdoors when the eyes are more susceptible to foreign objects. However, these glasses are not recommended industrial or general use since they completely block peripheral vision. In certain parts of the world, wearing safety sunglasses with leather side shields are illegal for those who are driving vehicles.

What to Look for When Choosing Safety Sunglasses?

The first thing you need to do is to make sure the glasses you wish to buy is indeed a safety eyewear. Consider what your purpose is then check if it matches the type of safety glasses you are planning to buy.

In checking whether or not you are buying high quality eye wear, you should see if the brand or model passed the ANSI standards or American National Standards Institute. This organization can tell whether or not the material, design, and quality of the eyewear are reliable enough for particular purposes.

You should be able to find this information in the packaging. You may also find it on the frame of the glasses. If the ANSI has approved the eyewear, chances are it is reliable enough to use for heavy duty purposes.

Although this may not be necessary, consider choosing eyeglasses that offer UV or IR protection. They should be adjustable and lightweight so that they remain comfortable to use. Always try them on before using them for play or work.

Gargoyles Veil Safety GlassesThese sunglasses are not very expensive generally. In fact, you can purchase one with just $10. However, there are more expensive ones that may or may not be as durable as the cheaper ones. It may help if you weigh the features of the sunglasses more than its price. Choose the ones that offer more benefits and protection such as Gargoyles veil safety glasses. After all, no price can pay the protection that good safety sunglasses can give your eyes.

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