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Cocoons Aviator (XL) Fitover Polarized Sunglasses

Sunglasses that Fit Over Prescription Rx Eyewear

Cocoons Aviator (XL) Fitover Polarized Sunglasses

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    Model: LE-CO-Aviator

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    Cocoons Aviator (XL) Fitover Polarized Sunglasses

    Cocoons are the answer for millions of Americans with prescription eyewear. The patented frame conveniently slips right over prescription glasses, effectively protecting the eyes from the elements. Cocoons feature Flex2Fit temples, which can be manually adjusted for an exact fit for each wearer.  Patented OveRx design principles address every aspect of the sunglass function.  Comfort, fit, quality and performance... nothing is overlooked. Engineered to be worn over prescription eyewear or as regular sunglasses, Cocoons completely isolate the eyes from the elements.  The patented designs deliver 360 degree of Advanced UV Protection, allowing the eyes to remain relaxed and focused.

    Featuring scratch resistant Polare polarized lenses, these lenses deliver crystal clear visual acuity to cut through harsh glare and reflection. Eliminating the harmful effects of UV A&B rays, Cocoons reduce the risks of long term exposure to damaging radiation that can lead to eye disorders and vision problems. The full wrap frame design encloses the eyes in a tranquil cocoon of filtered light, allowing the eyes to remain relaxed and free from strain and fatigue caused by harsh glare. Available in a wide range of sizes, frame colors and lens tints, there is a pair just right for almost every situation. Polare lenses have established Cocoons sunglasses as the world's leading OveRx sunwear.  Polare is the preferred choice of optical professionals who offer polarized OveRx sunwear.

    • Cocoons sunglasses are equipped with Polare lenses that offer superior visual acuity, polarization (Clear Lenses excluded), scratch resistance, and have a UV 400 rating.
    • The frames are constructed from highly flexible nylon, and are engineered using OveRx design to be worn over a wide range of prescription eyewear.
    • Completely Rx-able, and due to the advanced material composition is ultra-lightweight.
    • Flex2Fit adjustable temples allow the wearer to contour the temples to the desired position and shape for maximum comfort.
    • Accessories include; Cocoons Duracloth lens cloth, and a custom designed Cocoons neoprene case that is specially lined to help protect the lenses from accidental damage.
    • All Cocoons are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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