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Live Eyewear

Live Eyewear OveRx - The Leader in Over Prescription Eyewear

The Live Eyewear OveRx Collection offers Sunglasses, Clip-Ons and Flip-Ups to be worn Over Prescription Eyewear

Cocoons OveRx Eyewear
These sunglasses, clip-ons and even economic flip-ups quickly and transform your existing prescription eyewear into polarized sunglasses. All Cocoons OveRx Sunglasses, Cocoons Clip-ons, and Cocoons Flip-ups feature the scratch resistant Polare Polarized Lens System, developed to deliver maximum protection from damaging UV light, while eliminating blinding glare.

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Vistana OveRx Sunglasses
The world's most luxurious OveRx sunglass presents a radical departure from traditional OveRx designs. Vistana Sunglasses are designed to be worn over prescription eyewear, yet unlike regular "fit-over" sunglasses, its almost impossible to identify Vistana as an OveRx sunglass!

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OveRxCast Sunglasses
Extremely popular with fisherman, this line is offers affordable OveRx for the budget conscious shopper! Polarized technology available in three patented frame sizes, OveRxCast Sunglasses comfortably fit over 98% of all prescription eyewear.

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LightGuard Eyewear
Ideal for post-operative eye protection, LightGuard Eyewear is a cost effective option for those suffering from Low Vision symptoms.

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